Letters to Holly

Monday, February 8

Getting Better

Your Sister shook off the head cold over the weekend. I knew I needed to get her out of the house to build up her strength before going back to school. She also needed larger clothes. Two of the town's three department stores have no maternity departments, and we again had to drive out of town to buy something. We had some luck in a local consignment shop, but we indeed crossed the county line to the nearest shopping center. She how has maternity jeans with a stretchy front panel. We measured her belly, and she's at 17 cm from bone to navel, not yet halfway to the final 40-cm plateau.

To fend off a bacterial invasion, she's making yogurt at home. The ER antibiotics alarmed her, and we bought jelly jars to hold our strawberry and raspberry yogurt. I had a taste. It's good stuff.

She is feeling much better, and she's back to work today. We had a low-key Super Bowl with take-out pizza, and she was able to stay up for the whole game. She's no longer sleeping upright like the Elephant Man, and she's almost back to normal. We should be able to huddle up over our minicomic soon. I started thumbnailing the panels for my hero mini based on a script draft. I discovered I currently needed only 14 of my 20 planned pages, and that lets me spread out the panels and make them bigger. That's great news. Still need a good ending though.

The theatre scheduled its annual awards banquet for next Sunday, Valentine's Day. I question the wisdom. I told them I would not be going as I'm going to cuddle up with my missus for our last pre-baby Valentine's Day.

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