Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 4

Morning Sickness

Your Sister woke me up this morning saying her throat was swelling shut again. This happened last year, and she was given two steroids shots. That's not so simple an option now. The baby doctor's office wasn't open yet, and he told her to go to the ER. It didn't take long to get into a bay there, but we had to wait 20 minutes after; Your Sister was drinking ice water, and it skewed the thermometer. Throat cultures were taken, and that sparked a gag reflex. Combined with her empty stomach, this wasn't fun. Next, the nurse couldn't find Roo's heartbeat for a good two minutes, and this rattled Your Sis. I tried to calm her down and explain we weren't seeing our regular nurse, a woman who can find Roo in seconds. That didn't help the stress of the day.

She was told she doesn't have strep, and they suspected an ear infection. Your Sister wouldn't fill the prescription initially but consented when I reminded her it would be trickier to get it later if we get the big snows. I had to drag her out of the school and stop her sub plans. She's at home now, hopefully sipping mint tea.

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My journal comic and others can be found here. My name should jump out at you. There will be a complete story up each week.

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A new view of the WKRP DJ booth. No Herb? No Les? Bailey, Jennifer?

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