Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 11


Your Sister and I decided to make an official date to brainstorm our medieval comic. If we leave it to whim, it'll never get done. We must rendezvous. I finally have an ending to my hero comic and now must thumbnail it out again and see what kind of page count I'm looking at. It can't be more than 20 pages without becoming prohibitively expensive. But what I'll be cutting is mostly conversation. That should be painless.

We have also decided to stay in Friday night and catch the Olympics opening. We saw the previous Olympics in the summer of 2008 right before your white-jacket ceremony and en route to the Outer Banks. I barely remember the previous Winter Games. They included the Russian skating judge who sabotaged the Canadian pair. They were given a special gold medal for their trouble. Those games seem more than four years ago. Wait, they were! That was 2002 in Salt Lake City. I completely forgot the 2006 Turin Games in Italy. Hokey smoke. I have no memory of those Olympics. I am a horrible American.

I tested GoToMyPC last night, and I can now use my work computer from my home workshop. It's wonderful. I can now telecommute when we have bad weather or a baby.

Please be sure to check your mailbox.

Picture of the Day
I protest. Kermit is his own man frog.

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