Letters to Holly

Thursday, June 10

Five Years

Five years ago this morning, we signed on our house and got married a few hours later. Doesn't seem like five years. Let me tell you: After Mother's Day and her birthday, I am tapped out for gift ideas. I stink, stank, stunk. It just happened that the DVD set of Voyagers! arrived yesterday, and I handed it her as a lame, LAAAAAAME anniversary gift. She seemed happy with it.

I remember this show running on Sundays on NBC. I used to draw the steampunk Omni device all the time. I wanted one from the first time I saw the show, and it may have sparked my interest in pocketwatches. If you haven't seen it, think of Quantum Leap with more swagger. Can I tie in time travel to marking the five-year anniversary? Seems a stretch.

Fifth anniversaries are supposed to be marked with wood or silverware. She'll get neither. I considered buying her silver wearing things, but she's finicky about jewelry. Also, I've heard about "push gifts," little trinkets given to new moms after delivery. I think I'll skip that too. Maybe I'll let her sleep the first couple of nights instead.

Your Sis visited a local pediatrician office as a possible Roo doctor. She seemed happy with the sales pitch. They have weekend and office hours and employ a doctor who has delivered or treated something like 75 percent of babies here in the past 30 years. We haven't met him yet, but we saw him in the delivery videos and at the recent awards ceremony. We're going to the weekly appointment later today, and I'll attach the baby-seat boots to each of our cars before we go.

Her oldest cat was acting ill this morning. He wouldn't eat, not even his beloved popcorn. But he did slink next to the door, which usually means he wants to eat grass. I harnessed and walked him in the yard, and he did munch on many a blade and stalk. He also followed the path of rabbits which also munched a few leaves last night. He does this every once in a while, but it usually happens at night.

I discovered that French dip sandwiches are messy to make and contain spooky sleep magic. We zonked out almost immediately.

Picture of the Day
Slow exposure photo of the stars.

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