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Friday, June 11

Signed Off On It

The appointment was again by the numbers. We asked when inducement might be considered, and he said no later than 41 weeks. That's June 28. All signs continue to point to normal. He vouched for our pediatrician candidate. The docs and nurses had planned a weeklong vacation starting next weekend, but we and other folks are all due around the same time.

Your Sister is now soaking her feet at least twice a night. She's roasting. She eats even more ice cream to cool down. We walked last night only because the cat needed more grass, and the other cat is now acting odd. I think they ate something weird, but I can't find or smell any dead thing in their room. There's some weird stuff in the litter box. It almost looks like they ate a wad of dryer lint.

I sent off the logo for the roller derby, and now I'll unveil it.

I wanted to show the river they were named for and the local geography. They asked for "fear-inducing," and I went with a SEAL team/night monster vibe. I think the red color helps. I wanted a duotone feel to make reproduction easier and keep the design simple. I'm pretty happy with it. I submit this contently. They announce the winner on July 31. That may be the public unveiling though; I might heard earlier than that. The contest regulations are sparse. This was my busy work for this last month of pregnancy, and now I may be fidgety.

Relax tonight. Drink a bit. Sleep.

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i dig the logo!