Letters to Holly

Tuesday, June 8

Pie and Preparation

As payback for a strawberry pie offered a few weeks back, Your Sister made a blueberry pie for Kathy and Travis, and we had a sit-down dessert at their place. Pie was devoured. Woeful tales of the workplace were swapped.

Your Mom and Aunt are greatly a'feared that Your Nieces could infect Your Nephew if they visit too soon. There's also concern about who might stay over with us once we take the baby home. We don't know. We can't say for sure as we have yet to be sleep deprived. Also -- and this cannot be dismissed -- is the possibility that Roo won't be coming home immediately. The pregnancy has been somewhat mundane (easy for me to say, yes), but that's no guarantee that Roo will emerge hale and hearty. I do not wish it. I must prepare for it. I was a sickly child. A perfectly functioning baby cannot be presumed, and we cannot lock in plans until we have all the information. I don't mention this to Your Sister, but I can get her through any crisis we might have before Roo comes home. I can at least do this much.

She's made an appointment with a local pediatrician and probably will talk with a GP later this week. I need to find one of my own too. It's been a while since I saw a doc. My Mom's pushing me hard to have a colonoscopy. Your Sister has requested that we stroll the neighborhood each day weather permitting. Of course, I said. Whenever you want. We can do it at night before bed to avoid the hot weather.

I asked about the color scheme for the new roller derby team so I could hone my logo to their scheme. I was told there is no scheme yet. It will be determined by the logo. Whoever wins is essentially designing the team look. Wow. I hope I win.

Picture of the Day
From a museum, I suspect.


Anonymous said...

unless there's a family history of colorectal cancer, ACS recommends colonoscopy starting at age 50. Same goes for prostate, unless there's a family history of cancer.

but yeah,find a doc!

Gregory said...

My families had cancer everywhere, but they also worked in environments seen as common factors for lymphoma. The WebMD list for lymphoma described Dad almost perfectly.

Anonymous said...

right. but if no colorectal and no prostate cancers, then I think you can wait for the scope and finger up the bum 'til 50. but hey...what do I know, I'm still finishing up year 2 of at least 7 years of training. that's why you'll consult a real live, MD bearing doc in smalltown, USA.