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Wednesday, September 8

1,000 Posts

Yes, really.

We started this Feb. 12 of 2006, and since then I've typed approximately 48 words. Obviously, I've babbled about the daily doings at Chez Debacle, but I branched off into theatre journals, recipe gags, and now-rare news commentary. Also, Pictures of the Day most all the time.

The stack of fake lumber was waiting for me when I got home. The class should arrive today, weather permitting, to start the assembly.

We finally thawed some of the leftover garden produce to make spaghetti, and it was nice. We also gobbled half of Your Sister's homemade blueberry pie.

Because the sidekick hates the taste of the Vitamin D supplement in his milk, I tried dropping it directly into his mouth before a feeding. There was no reaction at all. I think the cold temperature hid the taste. Clearly this is the way to go.

We're still getting credit-card solicits for my ex, but the collection calls have stopped. Thankfully.

Picture of the Day
Can it last? Well, the do both hate fire.

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