Letters to Holly

Friday, September 10

Settling Down

I now have a Starbucks card because of your shining (gold) example. I should have done this a couple of hundred dollars ago. Speaking of coffee, my tum-tum is mucho better now. I was worried my childhood ulcer had flared up, but I'm back to fried food with no distress.

The deck progress is slower now as the boys hopefully measure twice before cutting once. Our yard is under sawhorses and scrap, and that's a fine excuse for me to avoid cutting the lawn for another few days.

A week of medicine doesn't seem to have fixed up the boy yet. But I have noticed he sleeps quieter when he's flat on his back. He dozed off yesterday after I got home, and he snored not once. This morning, I checked him before I left, and no snores erupted from his crib as he lay flat as a plank. Maybe this problem of his is easily corrected. The only time I remember snoring -- and I mean "woke myself up by snoring" -- was when I napped in a tub ten years back. My head was in a similar position to his while in the bassinet. I'll test this over the weekend.

Your Motivated Sister took an impromptu walk with Kathy last night, and they discussed school matters. I intend to run this weekend and maybe shed a few pounds of water and dessert before the reunions.

Your Parents and Aunt are planning to visit the house Monday while I'm at work.

Your Scheming Sister and I have made our official preseason NFL bet:

Her Picks
Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers

Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers

My Picks
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers

Picture of the Day
Not a ringing endorsement.

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