Letters to Holly

Tuesday, September 7

A Revelation

I am suffering for the variety of eats I done et. My stomach is noisy and bloated. I think I drank too much of that Sunday coffee. I discovered that both our bottles of Pepto-Bismal were out of date, and I've swilled some Alka-Seltzer.

Your Sister took The Deputy to welcome Your Parents at the airport only to learn the plane arrived early, and they had already gone home. They didn't know she would be there.

We spent Monday watching the original trilogy, and I noticed something: The droids are on Tattooine to escape the empire. Ben and Luke are on the run from the stormtroopers and hoping to take the droids off-planet to Leia. In Mos Eisley, Luke and Ben avoid a trooper confrontation by using the force. They then go to the cantina to find a pilot. This cantina won't allow droids inside, so Luke -- a redneck idiot -- tells the droids to WAIT OUTSIDE. Where there are troopers looking for them. Troopers who could avoid the destruction of the Death Star simply by nabbing the droids.

Sure, Leia could still get rescued, but only if Ben decides to nudge Luke into fighting the empire (and his dad, but because Lucas hadn't written that yet, Ben doesn't know it). Otherwise, if they have no droids and no secret plans, why visit Leia? They don't know she's been captured yet. Threepio and R2 didn't seem to know that.

Picture of the Day
Sample costumes from Atlanta's DragonCon, held every Labor Day weekend. We plan to go next year.

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