Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 3

Put Them in the Ground and Command Them to Rise

Maybe two months ago, I ordered sweet potato sprouts online. Planting potatoes ain't easy. It's hard enough to find regular potatoes to plant. I've only seen one local outlet with seed potatoes, and it runs out quick-like. I snagged about eight pounds of golden spuds back in March. They sprouted two weeks ago and seem to be going gangbusters, unlike everything else I planted.

You have to get the right kind of potatoes to quarter and plant; store-bought potatoes are apparently dead ends that won't seed. Yet they sprout eyes, and those become potato shrubs, right? Not according to gardening scuttlebutt. I had no idea farming was so rife with theories and rumors. Don't even get me started on full-moon planting. It's bad enough fighting gnats, I don't wanna worry about werewolves too.

I was informed by the online farm store that the sprouts would be sent to my zip code when the time was right to plant them, and the dirty carton was in my mailbox yesterday. A note suggested planting immediately, and I did. Unlike the majority of garden plants, potatoes require raised beds. I made one long ridge the length of our garden and split it in half to house both types of potatoes. You plant them in loose soil and top the dirt with mulch. We'll see if my potato luck holds out.

Picture of the Day
The initial artwork for a table display. eMMA will have a word balloon announcing sketch prices.This is a light pencil transfer for artboard.

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