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Friday, May 6

Two Down

I was pulling into the mall for my weekly lunch-break stroll when I realized its Starbucks has a bulletin board. And always on that board are community event fliers. And, in the seat next to me, I had one such flier.

It shouldn't have taken me two weeks to think of posting my comic ad in a place I go to every week, often the same day every week. But it did. Now it's posted. So that's the local Ingles and the mall Starbucks hosting my comic art in the same week. Heady stuff.

Here's the second table display. I'll bolster the colors before printing it.

I'm making altered fliers to post in our town this weekend. I'll attach coupons to them as a reward for making the drive to Asheville.

+  +  +

I watched the royal wedding last night. BBC provides a video-on-demand version that differs from the version Your Sister saw last week. She watched a giddy, gossipy version, and the one we watched is serious and narrative. They identified everyone who arrived at the cathedral, which helps casual anglophiles like me. It's a surprisingly efficient service -- maybe 30 minutes -- and the couple was never more charming than when they chatted casually while standing at the altar. The queen bore no signs of being the monarch; she was simply the grandmother, and she allowed the bride to stand out. It's a small, classy gesture.

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Anonymous said...

love the table art! best of luck with the comic con!
and thanks for your COHI donation. Hope that your mom got her card in the mail, and your wife/mother of your son did as well!

package with Golf T-shirt to go into the mail soon! The event was a success, and everyone loved the shirt logo.