Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 26

Cheat To Win

no mic for me yet. i've got a test and presentation Friday so I probably won't be able to join you this week yet. but i'll find you. i'm stuck in new orleans rescuing the purple power thing ontop of the roof with snipers on every other roof. yes, i'm stuck at mission #2.
I had to use online walkthroughs just this weekend to get me past a monster you'll encounter in a month or so. I like the guides found on this site.

EDIT: I played an Infamous2 demo at Best Buy to kill lunch, and it seemed to be the mission you're in. Aim low and blast the balconies and towers. The folks will fall and die. Also, those snipers fire once and then cower. You might have luck charging at them and wailing away with the tuning fork.

Don't worry about a mic for now. Let me figure out how to chat first.

A daylong rain kept me out of the garden. No taters yet. Someone Twittered my Bossk Office, and it went kinda huge yesterday. And a lot of those visitors went to the Doom Blog.

Yesterday was Your Sister's last full day at home with the sidekick, and she's got the sadness. Looks now like she'll have just one week to prepare as many as four distinct classes. More sadness.

Picture of the Day
Annie Lennox in her solo career prime.

I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.

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