Letters to Holly

Friday, July 29

So ... Yeah

The sidekick is a walking bruise. As he plays at walking faster and longer, he falls a lot. He comes home from daycare with new bruises daily. I fret that we'll get a call from social services.

As the school year approaches, we have to redo the household budget and plan for interrupted nights. He's able to sleep through the night again, but there are times he rouses and chirps before going under again. We're trying to encourage this ability, and we're able to distinguish noises to determine when he really needs attention.

I had one of those weeks that delivers a series of stomach punches. There wasn't one thing that alone was so distressing, but the number of them left me dazed and unsettled. Matters have stabilized as the week's progressed, and I'm again left confused if I handled each haymaker properly with my default, maddening patience or if I could have defrayed some frustrations by going volcanic. That option becomes so very tempting, if for no other reason than its novelty. It doesn't help that I too carefully pick my battles. Ultimately I pick no battles. I'm left then unsure what I'm more frustrated by: the situation or my reaction to it.

Picture of the Day
I cook angry!

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