Letters to Holly

Tuesday, August 2

Quick Update

The sidekick has run just enough of a fever that the daycare won't take him, and I've been home Monday and today. He is flush with energy and snot, making him literally a running nose. By happenstance, this is a downtime in my office load, so I'm not falling behind. Your Sis and Parents are at her school reassembling her classroom. Also she might find out what classes she's teaching today. Maybe. If he's still sick tomorrow, Your Mom may have to watch him. This is the worst time for him to be sick. Your Sis can't get a substitute teacher to set up a classroom.

On Sunday morning, I yanked the rest of the potato plants (and their meager yield) and planted the next round of squash plants. And then it rained for nine hours. That should spark the seeds.

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