Letters to Holly

Friday, August 5

A Long Night

The boy's fever spikes and wanes. He got a sponge bath in the dead of night and went to bed at 5 am. Your Sister had him most of the night, and I came in at the very end to put him to sleep. She's the starting pitcher, working the majority of innings with a variety of pitches, and I'm the closer. I throw only fastballs and work for a tenth of the time. It's not fair, but it works. If he's not better by tomorrow morning, we take him back to the doctor for stronger medicine. His nose seems cleaner at least. I wonder if I myself have some of this ear infection. I can hear some popping in my right ear. My won crud is vanishing, thanks to a cocktail of Quils and cough drops.

This followed an evening that left me walking on air, drunk on my awesomeness, following the Lions Club speech. You can read about it here.

Picture of the Day
The first image of Anne Hathaway from next year's Batman movie was released today. Hard to tell what she's wearing. At least it's black. 

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