Letters to Holly

Thursday, August 4


It's an ear infection. He saw a doctor yesterday and was prescribed drops of amoxicillin, benzocaine, and antipyrine. His fever is down to a manageable level, and all the medicine helps him sleep. As does mine. I took NyQuil after a hot soak to get through the night. It worked. I feel better than yesterday, but my throat is tight. My speech is tonight, and I am armed with green tea.

The speech is 17 pages double spaced, and I think that will get me through 20 minutes as requested. Still don't know what kind of crowd to expect. I'm taking a sample of comics as examples of singles, trades, etc. I picked expendable copies as I expect they'll either be mangled or taken home by someone who thinks they're free samples.

Addendum:  I just saw on their website that their last two speakers for their monthly meetings canceled. I shall be their hero. And they had 12 people attend last month. I can handle that audience. I've performed in front of four people and other times, 600. And I have my script in front of me this time.

Picture of the Day
Gather 'round, everyone. Let's dissect comics.

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holly said...

break a leg!