Letters to Holly

Wednesday, August 3

Sick Leave

The boy's fever and nose continue unabated. I think the fever spiked last night, and hope he'll be over this by the weekend. I'm at the office today, and Your Mom and Sis are watching him today. Becoming a parent has not made me less disgusted by sick babies, but my empathy helps me clean him up and comfort him. I'm throwing back Vitamin C to fend off the bug. My Lions Club speech is tomorrow, and the text is virtually finished.

Picture of the Day
USAToday broke the news yesterday that Marvel will put a mixed-race teen under the Spider mask. This will take place in an alternate-universe title, but the reaction has been as sweeping as you might expect. The only question I have is how he can embody the "great power/great responsibility" credo that makes Spidey so good a read.

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