Letters to Holly

Monday, August 8

A Time of Suffering

This weekend was horrible.

The sidekick continued to tumble after a few steps, and he started these half-hour throat-shredding screaming fits, often in the dead of night. What we thought was the hallelujah rash turned out to be a reaction to amoxicillin, and he wasn't showing any improvement. Sunday morning, Your Sister officially had it and made an appointment that morning for the doctor. She drove like the devil to get to Hendersonville.

We were told his ears looked terrible and he needed stronger medication. He got a shot of rocephin and new prescription for cefdinir (a lost Lord of the Rings character, we think) and more ear drops. We took turns last night getting up every two hours to flood his ears with the drops and stave off the pain. He slept through almost all of it. But we are the walking dead.

Your Sis and I are on eggshells with each other as we are frazzled, but we are grateful to the doctor for assuring us that we did exactly the right thing by making a new appointment based on his unusual behavior. While the initial prescription was for ten days, we couldn't wait that long for the first sign of improvement. He was miserable. We were miserable. We became impatient parents, and it paid off.

After some redundant conversations about his medicine with the daycare staff, he shocked us all by going with the employees with no fuss or tears. Not a sound. I think he may have crossed over. We really hope to sleep through the night tonight.

Picture of the Day
Chez Debacles is a testy house.

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