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Thursday, August 11

Easing Off the Meds

Following a few days of good spirits and sleep habits, we're gonna rein in the sidekick's drugs. He'll stay on the antibiotics. I mean, we're not Jenny McCarthy. But the ibuprofen and ear drops go back on the shelf. The daycare folks were advised to use the drops only if he seems uncomfortable. I slept the entire night last night -- no ear-drop alarms, no baby rousing -- and I feel like I could wrestle the ears off a whatever the hell that was. (Gundark. Yeah, but what is that? It's in the comics. THAT'S NOT CANON! Indoor voice, indoor voice.)

Your Sister's first day back went well, she thinks. The school is still settling, but she and the other English teachers got an early start on their schemes over the past few weeks. There's still the matter of what to do with some summer reading lists; a departed teacher assigned Wuthering Heights, and no one wants to teach it.

Our mornings now have definite shifts. She gets up early with him, and I bat cleanup at 7. She dresses, caffeinates, and walks to work. I feed the boy, change him, and pack for the commute. I realize I'm gonna have to wake up much earlier to tackle the next comic. Also, we'll need to turn the TV off and work evenings to stay ahead of our workloads, and I'm fine with that. We can goof off on weekends. Also also, I need to get to running.

As DragonCon approaches, all I have left to do for my costume is to take apart the parrot toy and replace his red feathers with green and yellow. I bought feathers and glue to do this. I tried to paint over the plastic originals, but the acrylic paint wouldn't adhere, and getting plastic pant would make him heavy for my shoulder. I prefer the feather route.

Your Sister realized shortly after her haircut that it now matches that of the character she's dressing as for the con. The haircut is growing on me. It was this length if not shorter when we started dating, and I remember seeing her with such short hair way back when we were still just buddies. She and my ex came by my office to show off her new do. It was a test: Would the guy notice a new haircut. They might have skunked a lesser man, but I grew up with many female friends and learned to stay vigilant.

At Tuesday's picnic and last night's gardening, I am all ate up by bugs. They are ravenous. In fact, ravens wouldn't leave these many marks. 

Addendum: During the sidekick's bath, an NPR program on Wagner played a piece of the Star Wars score, and he lit up. A momentous moment.

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