Letters to Holly

Tuesday, August 9

A World of Difference

He was almost bubbly when I picked him up from daycare. He laughed all the way home and may have bopped along to my iPod (Istanbul Not Constantinople specifically). He was in great spirits when he got home, and he crashed hard at bedtime. We put drops in his ears before our bedtime, and he slept until 5:30. The stronger medicine has definitely taken hold. We were practically happy-drunk from relief during his supper. Your Sister remains concerned about how the mornings will go as we trade him off and she leaves for school. I think we'll be fine.

Travis called me last night to invite me to the Rollergirls' away game in nearby Taylors for my birthday. No matter how well the night goes, it can't make me happier than being invited out by a guy friend for my birthday. That has never happened.

Picture of the Day
Here's the first image of next year's Superman movie. I'm getting burned out on the crosshatch costume texture for superheroes, but that S symbol is a nice throwback.

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