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Wednesday, July 27

Publicity Tour

Out of the blue, the local Lions Club contacted Chez Debacles to ask if I would speak to them at their next monthly dinner. They saw my article in the paper and were apparently curious enough about making comics and comics in general that I seemed like a good idea for a dinner speaker.

(Aside of Insecurity: I suspect they desperately needed a speaker. The dinner is next week.)

I was told to prepare to speak for 15-20 minutes and hold a QnA session afterward. Easy enough. I'll talk about comics in general and their current pop-culture dominance. As I expect an older audiences, I'll toss in references to mid-century Superman radio dramas and Scrooge McDuck comics.Also, Captain America for the 'contemporary relevance' points.

This is certainly nothing that I expected in the wake of the article. But if I'm to be Local Comic Book Guy, this I can do. My Manager, Your Sister is giddy. We're working on names for this publicity tour. Like the Superlative Hyperbole Tour. Or the Inflated Sense of Importance Tour.

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