Letters to Holly

Monday, October 31

Halloween Weekend

The annual carving party was a blast, and the house was swarming with kids. The deputy took it in stride as he's learned at daycare. He wore his costume for a few minutes before the attendees' body heat made it impractical. He went to sleep easily and slept through the chaos. Once he was put down, Your Sis and I could play the proper hosts.

We moved the party into the garage to escape the horrible wind and set the firepit near it on the driveway. As Your Sister made the party soup and cider, I took the deputy to the town street festival. He strolled inside the small hay maze, but the people and sounds distracted him to the point of immobility. I put him back in the stroller, and we made a few laps. I got my beloved lab gyro. There were a number of costumes, including a homemade He-Man costume. When I congratulated him as he walked by, he stopped to thank me. I was the only one (so far) to know who he was supposed to be. I live among heathens. I walked past the theatre stand and talked with the actor who played Scrooge in my last play. He was surprised the deputy was 16 months already, and we traded ear infection stories.

I drove the sidekick into the forest, and we walked the fish hatchery. After he inspected seemingly every vehicle in the parking lot, I pointed out the circling buzzards to him, and we followed them to the fish area. A ranger had given a flock a dead fish from the hatchery, and we got to watch them on the ground. He was mesmerized until he saw a cart with wheels, and he ran to play with that. He's also now obsessed with playing with Your Sister's umbrella.

People arrived around sunset, and soon the house was packed. We said goodnight to the last family around 11, and we quickly cleaned up and collapsed. I watched him last night while Your Sister did schoolwork. We fended off his small yeast outbreak with leftover medicine, and he seems to weather this infection well. He gets a little moody, but then he is a toddler.

We ended the night watching Walking Dead. That consists of me calmly taking it in, and Your Sister peeking from behind the couch.

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