Letters to Holly

Friday, October 28

Repeat Attraction

Another ear infection has set in.

The daycare called yesterday around 4 to say the sidekick had a fever. I called Your Sister and got him home. She called me about 15 minutes after we arrived to say she got the last appointment time at the Hendersonville clinic. I hurriedly packed the deputy and his snacks back into the car, met her halfway down the road, and together we broke some traffic laws getting there in time. The doctor confirmed infection in both ears and put us again on the familiar antibiotic. We got home two hours after we left the house (prescriptions in hand) and got him fed, drugged, and asleep within another hour. We high-fived in victory. Sometimes, we roll strong.

Aside from tugging at his ears, he seems fine. His appetite and energy are still there. He sleeps fine. He's still chatty. He went to daycare today and participated in the costume "parade" indoors.

Picture of the Day
Los Dos Frodos.

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