Letters to Holly

Tuesday, February 7

To ER is Human

The deputy has drooled for a few days, and his head opened up over the weekend, but I attributed the latter to walks outside. His drooling got worse at daycare yesterday, and, by the time we got home, he was very cranky. He refused dinner. I had heard him grind his teeth for a few days, and we had given him Orajel. We gave him more last night, and he cried all the way through his shower. Another Orajel dose didn't help, and we called the nurse hotline. She worried about a throat obstruction and recommended the ER.We vamoosed.

I'll cut out the long wait, but I will mention that we had given up on seeing a doctor and were walking out the door when a nurse finally called for us. X-rays showed no obstruction. The strep test was negative. He had a mild fever, and the drool wouldn't stop. He could drink, which the nurse and doctor said was a good sign. We were told to see his pediatrician today and look at his teeth. There may be too many coming in. So this might be teething on a grand scale. There was much joking about the family teeth. we were punch drunk and goofy when we got home at midnight.

I have him at home this morning, and we see the doctor in a few hours. His eyes are watering, and his fever persists. His cough sounds horrible. He ate breakfast but can't/won't eat the goldfish snacks. I think his throat is raw from last night's crying.

Moving Picture of the Day
This is the reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise, giving us yet another origin story in only ten years' time since the first Sam Raimi movie. I'm not enthused. I am curious how he gets all that hair under the mask.

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