Letters to Holly

Friday, January 27

Mrs. Hyde

Yeah, I'm not doing that door replacement until the weekend. I may need all day to drive back and forth from the store to get those tools the box didn't tell me I needed.

Your Grumbly Sister told me all her medications include "irritability" as a potential side effect. She apologized for being on edge. She clearly is. She goes from quiet to cursing over the least little thing. I do that too and I have no excuse of drugs. She pulled a back muscle from coughing (just like Sammy Sosa), and I gave her a half-hour back rub during the GOP debate. I can't say which made her more sleepy.

She says her friends' sons all spoke later than their girls and went from babble to complete English sentences almost overnight.That sounds right; he's babbling for prolonged periods, imitating speaking cadence if nothing else.

Picture of the Day
My weekends plans are exciting.

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