Letters to Holly

Wednesday, May 24


Feeling somewhat better but a tad rundown still. The season finale of “House” continues the show’s trends of baffling ailments and smart writing. Hugh Laurie owns this show. It’s a good time to be a Gregory as this is the first name shared by House and WWE cruiserweight champ Gregory Helms.

Tonight is the season finale of “Lost,” and if it’s anything like last year’s finale, it will again leave us quivering with impatience for the next season. Supposedly, we’re going to learn a lot about the crash and possibly the island. I have my suspicions about who might show up in the last ten minutes, and when I say “suspicions,” I mean “this is how I’d write it ‘cause it would rock and rock some more.”

Your Sister asked me if I would mind the company of a teacher friend when we watch X3 Saturday. I don’t mind, actually, unless she talks during the film, and then I would have to employ my telepathic catapult. I want people to enjoy themselves at movies. Really. But do it in your indoor voice, ‘kay?. I’ve leaned over and told complete strangers to put a sock in it. The online perpetual geek orgy is split on the film. Aintitcoolnews maven Harry Knowles hates it, but I contend he writes negative reviews of blockbusters to maintain the illusion of indy cred. It doesn’t matter what the early reviews say. I’m going to watch it. At times I can’t believe they made an X-Men film, and now they’ve made three. Astounding. My inner 12-yer-old is gobsmacked. He’s not so keen on the just released trailer for the upcoming Ghost Rider movie. This is a Marvel Comics property about a man possessed by a motorcycle-riding demon with a flaming skull for a head. It stars Nic Cage (who you might recall was initially cast as the new Superman). Good ole boys will stain the screen with their joy, but it looks cheap and formulaic. Of all the Marvel titles to adapt, they pick this one. Tragic.

Picture of the Day
What happens when a team decides to turn an annual San Francisco run into a recreation of Katamari Damacy? See here.

In the news
According to Heidi MacDonald, the two-part Persepolis graphic novel is being made into a feature cartoon. It’s a good title, an autobiography of an Iranian girl jostled by the growing cultural revolution of the 1970s. It’ll be interesting to see this turned into a movie as the comic, while packed with detail, reads as an illustrated diary. I think they need to use omniscient narration as we see in “Sex and the City.”

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