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Thursday, May 25

I Have To Wait Til October?!

That's when the next new episode of "Lost" airs. Last night's season-ender was a solid show that moved focus away from the core group and toward characters that could only be previously considered peripheral. One brand-new character is apparently very significant now. We also saw the return of both a flashback person and a crash survivor. I'll say no more except this: I'm not sure I buy the answers provided because characters' perceptions and interpretations have become questionable. I TiFauxed the finale and will watch again this holiday weekend.

Oh, OK, one more thing. We are definitely now watching a science-fiction show.

I made pizza last night and again realized just how much better it is from the delivery or frozen stuff. I won't shoot down your work at Asheville Pizza because, if what I'm led to believe is true, you can win over the heart of any handsome stranger by showing him the dough-twirling trick. Not that you need any gimmicks, mind you. Your Sisiter and I have a homemade pizza pattern already: Half mushroom, half red pepper, all smothered in turkey pepperoni. Is good, jah. She's not feeling too well and fears a cold is coming on. She barely made it through last night's two-hour show. It's those damn school kids, bringing their bacterial debris into the classrooms. This won't keep me from seeing X3. I love her, but a man's gotta have his principles. And his ginormous tub o'popcorn with butter dispensed from a concession-stand caulking gun.

Our garden now hosts giant monarch caterpillars, and one thing I now know about giant monarch caterpillars is that they shit like rats, both in size and frequency. It's frightening until one considers that these things can fertilze an enire lawn by themselves.

I'm within the first 80 pages of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and it's already awesome. We meet a gang of wizards led by two former Hogwarts professors, and Harry is a surly cuss.

Picture of the Day
Downtown Memphis and the Big Muddy as seen from atop the Peabody Hotel. This is where the ducks waddle to the fountain twice a day. The bright light at the top of the other building is a sign for a magazine.

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