Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 23

The Memphis Syndrome

The travel seems to have hit my system hard. The air-travel pressure has decompressed my tum-tum, I can’t get enough sleep, and my eyes are strained. Your Sister wonders if I’m sick, and I in turn wonder if she’s on to something. I start taking care of the pets-in-law for another week starting tonight, and that will keep me from mowing the lawn after work. I don’t see the grass getting more than a passing glance before Saturday, when I also hope to catch the new X-Men film. Early word is that there’s a significant scene at the very end of the credits.

Picture of the Day

The Taiwanese poster for Superman. Looks sharp except for the right hand. It's bent too much at the wrist.

In the news
From ESPN comes word that Tennessee women’s basketball coach “Pat Summitt became the first women's college basketball to top the $1 million salary mark, with a six-year extension that earns her $1.125 this season.” For many reasons, she IS college women’s basketball, and I suspect, the best coach never be asked to work in the NBA.

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