Letters to Holly

Thursday, July 26

Bite the Borders

Your Sister suspects the landscaper has moved Kempas around or even unleashed her as he works on the backyard brick path. Seems likely. I found Kempas leashed but with much more reach than she had Tuesday night. She was able to reach the fence and chew it again. I shortened her chain just in case the leash length was the problem. But I don't think it was. I don't mind her getting a supervised break from the leash but not if she's going to walk right over and chomp the fence. That's the very reason why she's chained to begin with.

We made another dish with the new potatoes, and we so far haven't contracted a form of tuber-culosis.

We'll avoid the upcoming Belle Chere, but we might attend the Montford Players' performance of Cyrano DeBergerac. I managed to stay clear of R&J.

Picture of the Day
The official site for the fall Beowulf movie is one. It's made in the same way as Polar Express: motion capture of actors at work. It looks a bit Shrek-yin design, but I like everyone involved.

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