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Wednesday, July 25

Closing the Book

Normalcy reigned at Maison Bullock when I arrived. The workers had fixed the mailbox and frame, planting them where they belonged. Inside was all the mail we had missed since Thursday. The crew is now finished digging in front of the house and seems to be moving around the corner to the street running parallel with the driveway. I unleashed Kempas briefly to untangle the chains. She seems to be eating now. The cats are not eating all the food I leave for them, thankfully, because they might explode any day now.

Your Sis made a dinner using the potatoes we plucked last week. They tasted just like they should. I couldn't believe I was eating something I grew. Everyone should grow a garden. We'll probably plant corn and some pumpkins before the end of August.

I finished up the last Harry Potter book last night. It's a tight conclusion to the franchise, touching on all the previous books and rewarding readers who paid attention. It's impenetrable to new readers though. It follows the formula of the previous books -- each installment is a mystery quest surrounded by a giant conspiracy -- but offers exposition a'plenty to tidy up all the loose ends. A lot of characters die, and some of those deaths are affecting. The author recently said she's considering making an encyclopedia based on all her histories and notes she didn't reveal in the series. I'm now curious to see the newest film, but the Simpsons film has priority.

Picture of the Day
And they fix mailboxes.

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