Letters to Holly

Friday, July 27

Me vs. Dog

Because the landscaper is building a more elaborate walkway in the backyard, a pile of bricks sits between the tomato plant garbage can and Kempas's house. I arrived yesterday to find Kempas's chain stuck in that pile and the dog going batshit. There was nothing wrong; she just couldn't get loose. A neighbor girl was trying to pet her and somehow didn't think to enter the yard to free her. I got her extricated and talked briefly with the girl. She says Kempas is barking throughout the night, and Your Parents are keeping her outside at night when they're home. Maybe they were trying to get the dog used to being out while they were gone. She was so freaked that I had to take her for a walk to exhaust her energy.

I'm glad I only have another week of this. I appreciate how much Your Parents helped us with the car, and it doesn't much time to visit the house after work, but I have no answers for Kempas except to feed or walk her into submission and leash her to keep the fence intact. It's not my dog, and I'm limited in my options. Actually, the one problem is the fence. The answer to that problem is to remove the wood and install a metal fence along the carport. I haven't seen Kampas dig her way under the fencing. That would keep her in and let her walk the entire back yard.

We ate at the local Japanese steakhouse again and followed it up with dessert at Jason's. We tried out a new USA show called "Burn Notice." As a new series, it's still trying to find its footing. It feels thin, but potential is there.

Picture of the Day
The poster for the upcoming Sweeney Todd. It will be a musical, like the original show. But it won't be based on the recent revival-update of the show.

In the News
It sucks to be a sports fan right now. Football has Michael Vick, Beckham missed his US debut in soccer, the Tour de France is falling apart, wrestling is still dealing with the Benoit tragedy, and an NBA ref may have swayed the outcome of playoff games. Baseball sees Barry Bonds just two shy of breaking the home-run record but the steroid allegations may erase that before it becomes legend.

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Anonymous said...

just checked out the topographic self portrait...very cool.

sorry about doggy duty. i had no idea that she was so unruly when the folks are away until you began to blog the daily headaches.