Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 24

Strange Events at Your Parents' House

1) The landscaper removed the plywood from in front of the wooden gate. He then reattached it exactly as I had, but with new screws.

2) There has been no mail delivered because the road construction has blocked off the mailbox from the street.

3) And now the mailbox and the ivy metal frame are both in the new trench. I can't tell when the workers were last on site, and it's possible that the recent rains washed them down there. I assume so. I can't believe they'd just leave them and work around them. I left a note in the cab of the backhoe asking if they'd remove them, and whether there was any chance they'd reinstall them. There's no note at the house serving as a warning of possible lawn damage, and no messages left from the city saying as much. If the mailbox and frame are still down there tonight, I'll call the city offices tomorrow to complain. That's also when I'll call the post office to politely request all the mail the carrier has apparently kept instead of putting inside the front door. Your Parents leave, and everything goes bizarro on me.

I fetched my suitcase -- newly smudged and smelly -- from the airport.

My eyes are shot from weekend reading, traveling, and massive office copy-editing, but I'm still trudging the new Potter book. Just 200 pages to go.

Picture of the Day
A new pic from the upcoming Iron Man film. This weekend, the nation's largest comic convention promises to announce and unveil material to make us all crazy with impatience for the next year or so.

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