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Tuesday, November 6

Failures Abound

I'm shopping for a swank Ayn Rand book for the director. Barnes & Noble, the biggest brick-and-mortar bookstore in the country, doesn't have it. This special hardback 50th-anniversary edition of Atlas Shrugged came out last month, but both my local stores say all copies have already been sent back to the distribution center. These are sizable stores. They can't display an anniversary hardback during the holiday-shopping season?

I'm instead order the book through Amazon and use their magical get-it-there-yesterday shipping so the cast can sign the book before our last show. The reaction to the rehearsal party invite has been tepid, and some are saying they won't come to any rehearsal as their parts are too small. I can understand this if we were dealing with monologues, but they interact with actors with lots of lines, and those folks (me, included) could use those actors to keep their lines tight. It would be nice if the director would flex her muscles here, but, then again, what good would that do to for a show with three performances left? She can't replace anyone who refuses to rehearse. It's disheartening.

I tried to vote this morning and was told we live one block too far to vote in municipal elections. Oddly enough, there are apparently no state matters for us to decide. I walked away slightly disenfranchised. Could have sworn I voted for this level of candidates two years ago.

It was a refreshingly normal Monday night for us. Jeopardy, This Old House, football, wings, beer. The simple comforts. Your Sister shocked me by asking for jewelry for Christmas. She rarely asks for Christmas items, and she never asks for jewelry so early before a gift holiday. This shouldn't detour me from the gift I have planned for her.

And what about you? Whatcha want for Christmas?

Picture of the Day
I don't think this muppet ever had a name.

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