Letters to Holly

Thursday, November 8


The latest word is that we'll have everyone at the rehearsal party except the cop, the first housekeeper, the judge, and the stripper. The stage manager's email mentioned something about grabbing props, but I don't intend for us to use them tonight. And here's a little protocol dilemma: I'm hosting the party but am I running the show? The stage managers are timid about making any rulings, and I took over the rehearsal plan to replace the originally scheduled Thursday run-through. I envision a casual line progression to dust off our brains before we open again Friday. We don't need to walk around or exchange props. And if I'm manning the conn by default, we won't.

My experience with and as a stage manager says they become the secondary directors. When a performance starts, they take over. When a show opens, what they say goes. I'm not used to timid stage managers. I'm used to folks who don't assume people will know what to do or things will fall into place. They fret, they over-prepare, they become stern nannies. That's what a stage manager should do. Knowing how to fix costume disasters is handy too.

I bought more food on the way home last night and found the book I ordered from Amazon. I also checked the magnets, and they seem to stay adhered to the lamination. The shindig starts around 6:45, and if we just sit and say our lines, we should be finished before 10. We'll need to be. Some folks have to drive back to Asheville. One of us can't legally drive after 9. She carried a note from the director after every rehearsal in case she gets pulled over, as teens with permits can be out after 9 if they're working. This will be the first party I've thrown in the house.

I tried out lines from various scenes, and all the lines are there, almost casually reporting for duty. I fried up some chicken and experimented once more with gravy. Your Sis typed up a test while read my new comics and kept one eye on the basketball game.

Picture of the Day
This is a comparison of the original Star Trek cast and the actors hired to play those roles for the new film coming out next year. They're mostly unknowns, and that makes sense for an ensemble franchise, but I still think Gary Senise would have killed as Bones McCoy.

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