Letters to Holly

Wednesday, November 7


I sent the final magnet image to Officio Maximus and picked up the laminated cards after work. I think they turned out OK.

I ordered 30, which should cover the cast and crew. I can hand them out at the rehearsal party. Still no idea how many folks we'll have. I had just enough leftover magnetic tape from the winter show to apply to this batch. The lack of rehearsals has ruined my internal calendar. Suddenly, I have too much time to deal with.

Your Sis and I watched an American Masters special on Carol Burnett. I didn't realize she watched her show when she was a child too, and we howled for 90 minutes. That show was one of three major factors -- along with MASH and the Muppets -- to my humor from the 1970s. In the '80s, I was influenced mostly by stand-up comics. I watched their HBO specials in my room with the volume way down so the parents wouldn't hear the bad language.

By weird timing, a collection of 1980 GI Joe comics I ordered months back arrived at the house yesterday, just a few weeks after I discovered the new toys. Your Sis is interested in these comics, to my delight.

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