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Monday, November 5

Third Show

I'm in the make-up chair before My Parents arrive in town. I spend the morning running lines once and just once. I'm tired of anxiety and will set my brain on cruise control for the play. I will trust the lines will emerge on time. We're told backstage that the videographer is taping toe show again because the video sound was ruined by the air system. Today, the air system will be turned off, but the body heat of the courtroom should keep us comfy against the chilly fall air. The lightstands that sit in front of the attorney tables are gone; maybe they didn't do any good after all.

The producer, who suffered two heart attacks just as this play started rehearsals, attends today's performance and sits in the front row, about five feet from me. My Parents and Your Sis sit on the row behind them. I make eye contact with them as I take the stage and never look their way again. Midway through the First Act, I'm feeling that accelerated heartbeat and, as I can't blame it on the lights or a sense of nerves, I'm thinking my sitting posture tightens the suit around me. Also, Windsor knots constrict.

The lines are indeed there as I summon them. A small blip occurs with the second witness as I sear she jumped a line, but I pick it up in about two seconds. I can tell she's rattled by it, and she misses a few of her lines, but the gist gets across. The rest of the act goes smoothly. It's a good audience; they laugh loud and long.

Backstage we change in the law library and shoot the breeze. The young cop plays his portable Nintendo, some of us scan the script, some gossip, some recap Act One slips. The question comes up about a gift for the beleaguered director, and I volunteer to buy her an Ayn Rand book and everyone can sign it.

The second act goes well, until the Swedish bookkeeper takes the stand. Right as his hand leaves the Bible, the air system kicks on, and from the back of the courtroom comes "jeeeeeeeesusss." The videographer. He won't pick up our lines now. The system was supposed to be turned off. It comes on three more times during the performance, and I guess we'll see him again next week. The third act goes very well, and I;m really feeling my lines, to the point I worry I'm overdoing it. Doc misses some objections but we glide passed them. When the stripper takes the stand from the audience, I see my boss walk into the aisle so the actress can get up. I register this for a second and go back to the show.

Not guilty by an 8-4 vote. Doc has won outright. I can only manage a moral victory next week. But I'm relieved to have this time off. We're supposed to rehearse on Thursday, but the rehearsal space is being used for the next production. We really only need a line-through; we sit and say our lines. No acting, no movement. It can be a casual refresher. The stage manager asks if I want to do this, and I'm all for it. So is the defendant. And after conferring with Your Sis, I'll suggest today in an email that we have folks to our house for a rehearsal party. This will make up for us missing out on hosting a cast party after the show closes. I won't even look at my lines until Thursday afternoon.

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The NFL Contest
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NFC: New Orleans (4-4), Carolina (4-4)
AFC: New England (9-0), San Diego (4-4)

Such a weird year in the NFL. There are a handful of really good teams, and then the quality of the league plummets. I won my fantasy week when my major stars came through. We taped the Colt/Patriots game and watched it after dinner.

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Steampunk Pacman.

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