Letters to Holly

Wednesday, December 19

Days of Wine and Scorches

I found out, just yesterday, that I in fact do get to play more fantasy football. I apparently had a bye week before what's called the consolation round where the low-end teams fight it out for third place. If my team wins this week, I get to play next week. The rosters are now locked, however, so I can only play the team I fielded last. The projections say I'll lose, but at least it's another week of intense stat watching. And God help the Miami Dolphins.

We indeed hosted the teacher buddy, and I indeed set off the smoke alarm with the grilled chicken. She used to work in newspapers, and we swapped war stories. We talked and talk and talked and killed a bottle of wine. It made for a late evening and a dramatic crash into the bed. Earlier in the day, the office went out for a Thai lunch.

I'm technically done for Christmas shopping, except we'll have to buy you something when you visit. Something that catches your eye while we're out and about. Something to celebrate the end of exams. Or we can just throw open the liquor cabinet and play video games all night.

Picture of the Day
Red glass octopus. Just 'cause.


Anonymous said...

nothing says happy birthday baby jesus quite like drinks and guitar hero all night long! and, i'd like to commandeer your couch so that i can watch the entire 2nd season of lost. heck, i might even have to rewatch the first season.

Gregory said...

We have the entire series now, so it can be a marathon vacation.

We'll all braid each other's hair and coo over our favorite stars. I'm positive Your Sister would throw me under a train for at least four cast members.