Letters to Holly

Friday, December 21

Sick Again

The cold sandbagged me, and another medicated night was spent in the guest room. I'll be sure to clean it up before you visit, don't worry. I'll hose down the bed. On the good side, I was given Friday off, and I've spent the day so far eating oranges for the vitamins and drinking coffee to dehydrate myself. I think we'll have soup and bread tonight (Your Sis calls it "prison food") to bolster my revolted tummy. I'm taking long soaks with magazines and novels to warm myself up.

I finished My Mom's CD and wrapped it for the tree. Except for you, I think we're done giftifying.

You'll be in town starting tomorrow night, and we'll try to make the vacation as spoiled as possible. And I'll be healthy by the time you arrive at the house.

Picture of the Day
We've got the tree lit for you.


Anonymous said...

Help! Is that WKRP in CIncianatti as your banner? Your scope of pop iconography no doubt trumps my more ephemoral vocabulary.

Gregory said...

I also turned the theme song into a Lenard Cohen/Jackson Browne maudlin poem on the MySpace page, just by changing the punctuation.

I love WKRP, but the season DVDs are butchered. The studio wouldn't pony up the money for the music rights, and they overdubbed all the real radio songs. I can't imagine Les putting on his "sex wig" to any song but Foreigner's "Hotblooded."