Letters to Holly

Tuesday, December 18

No Coffee

A new Ingles opened right near the office, and I walked down to meet the Starbucks staff, with whom I'm sure I'll become familiar quickly. But the stand isn't open yet. The sign says it won't open 'til almost New Years. It's odd. The pharmacy is open, the bakery is open. And yet I am deprived of my crackuccino. For this, worlds shall pay.

My Mom asked for a Christmas mix CD for a present, and I have about 12 songs at the ready. Half the disc is from either our Dean Martin of Charlie Brown Christmas discs.

We're hosting a teacher buddy for dinner tonight, and I hope to make chicken alfredo without setting off the smoke alarm. Again.

I'm waiting for Your Sis to ask Your Parents when they want to come over for Christmas dinner. Then I can tell My Parents when to show up.

Moving Picture of the Day
Here's the official trailer for the Batman sequel, and wow is it geek nirvana. Heath Ledger is unrecognizable, and Brokeback Mountain proved he can act his ass off. Too bad we have six months to wait for this.

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