Letters to Holly

Monday, December 17

Sometimes Invisible

Often, when the two of us are out and about in our hamlet, a student will walk up to Your Sis to talk about school. And I'll step back a bit to let them chat. Also often, the conversation will end with "see you laters," and there will be no acknowledgment that I'm there. No introductions, not even a glance my way. I become Ghost Husband. It's a horrible feeling.

We dug into research papers, and the grading was scattered throughout the weekend. The threat of the possibility of snow sent us to the grocery store. We got no white stuff, however. We went to a surprise birthday party Saturday night and ate potato soup and cake.

We went to a sports bar Sunday to watch the New England game, and I discovered the bliss of six live football games available on five TVs. It was a divine visitation of pigskin and snow. And we ate like pigs. We then rented and watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean film (finally), and it was an exhausting experience. I liked it, but I'm glad we saw this on our smallish TV to constrain it to an acceptable dosage.

To reward ourselves for grading papers, we decided that Sunday dinner would be red velvet cake. And so it came to pass.

It's A Wonderful Life airs Christmas eve at 8 p.m. on NBC, and I've set the TiFaux to record it.

Picture of the Day
"I don't believe it."
"That is why you fail."

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