Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 13


Dad has a big chemo session tomorrow (four hours+) and had a pre-chemo checkup today. He's gained six pounds since his nadir in April. Blood looks good, too. He has four small sessions left if his health holds up. and then he can consider going back to work.

I mowed the lawn last night to maintain the exercise from the week of garden preparation. No idea when we'll plant anything, but it has to be before May ends. Your Sis begins the research papers this week, and she's dreading it.

Picture of the Day
The painting in time-lapse form.


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Anonymous said...

really like the highlighting to white. also the time-lapse painting effect.

put check in the mail today to you to take H out for the BD.

off to house hunt in Greenville tomorrow. the taxi comes to whisk me to the airport in less than 5 hours. wohoooo!