Letters to Holly

Wednesday, May 14

What A Run

I somehow managed a fantastic run when I got home. It may have been attributable to eating an actual lunch a few hours earlier. It may have been the tailwind on the hills. Maybe it was from chancing the route to include more flat spaces. In any case, I ran and ran and ran for more than half an hour, and when I reached my end point, I was running flat out. I felt great. Maybe this is from losing weight in the last few weeks. Maybe it was from finding a relaxed stride. I'll stop writing "maybe" now. If all runs were like that, I'd go out every day.

Picture of the Day
I have no idea.

The Rare Links Subhead

You can read all about NASA's big announcement here. The gist: We found a baby supernova, only 150 years old. It popped during the Civil War, and it's the first time we've seen one so new in this proximity.

Or you can peruse the entire Acme catalog from the Warner Brothers cartoons.

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