Letters to Holly

Friday, May 16

Her Night

At the end of each school year, the two district high schools hold a recognition ceremony for staff and students. For, I think, the fifth straight year, Your Sister was named by a student as a memorable educator. She doesn't know who named her until the student stands up in front of everyone to present a gift. The kid also wrote a fantastic letter of gratitude, and Your Sister has to frame it. She just has to. Another student gave her a ton of chocolate and ceramic rabbits. I took her out to dinner after, and we got home in time to watch Lost, which I hope you got to watch on the road. If not, it replays next Thursday night.

The dealership replaced my CD player, and now I shall never ever play a new CD in it. I really believe Warner Brothers piracy software killed it. Thankfully, the dealership warranty covered all the costs. I read half the Inherit the Wind script while I waited, and now, I'm seriously and stupidly thinking of directing the damn thing. I have a way to mount the show without breaking the bank: a staged reading. There's no way they'd give me the reins thought. I'm too new to the club.

Picture of the Day
This is why you don't recycle display stands at Wal-Mart. This never would have happened when I worked there.

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