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Monday, May 12

Mother's Day Weekend

I got home Friday and found the wood chipper and tiller, freshly delivered. It was such a nice evening that I was tempted to crank either one of them up, but hunger prevailed. We ate outside and considered heading to the forest for small-stand ice cream. My point is: The weather was excellent. Which is why the sudden hailstorm surprised us. It came in about 10:45 and tore up the neighborhood. I ran out to the back deck to cover the ferns and gasped when I felt the rain and chunks of ice. It passed quickly, but if we had planted anything in the garden beforehand, the temperature and pounding would have killed it.

We got up early Saturday to work on the yard, but only after I picked up the parents' ├ęclairs from the bakery. The wood chipper is a noisy monster, and it worked great. The wood piles were gone in under two hours, and now we have piles of white mulch. I tilled the garden stretch later in the day, and the company should pick up the equipment Monday morning.

I worked on the painting Friday and Saturday and may be finished. I'm still not sold on the corners though.

Friday night (just before the thunder started)

+ + +

Saturday afternoon

If I do anything to the painting, it will only be the corners. The interior seems OK. Oh, I might add a neutral color to the sides of the painting.

I saw My Parents Sunday. Dad is virtually bald. He has little wisps of white hair, and Mom claims they're new. He doesn't look bad. He's back to his normal weight range, and he still smokes (and why not?). I may attend one of his chemos later this month. They loved the ├ęclairs. I gave them the script from the last show and the playbill. I'll give them the DVD copy when they call the cable folks to hook up their DVD player.

Speaking of scripts, I finally got a call from the director, and the Script Committee is meeting tomorrow night to trade scripts and notes.

I may join the town 5k in two weeks. Depends on if the bizarre weather will let me run. We couldn't sleep last night because of the noise of trees in the wind.

Long Reading of the Day
Here's an elaborate theory about Lost. I can't buy into it because there's some vague spackling over crucial details. But it's a nice try.

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