Letters to Holly

Wednesday, February 25


I just emailed the comic to the publishers. I checked it at home last night and this morning and made small adjustments to the file properties. I'm five days ahead of my deadline, and I have time to make edits if they ask. Except for the last few pieces of dialogue. They stay. The comic doesn't work without them.

I awoke to find my tub drain was broken, and I suspected the pull rod had rotted away. I cleaned the plug and didn't see any jagged edges. If it was a break, it was clean. I then checked the drain to find the suspected rod (assuming tub drains work like sink drains). I couldn't see it, but the drain was clogged with hair. It might be underneath all that. I used tweezers to remove the gunk -- much like playing Operation on a Wookie -- and still couldn't find a rod. I jimmied the plug into the drain gasket and realized in my morning stupor that the drain doesn't plug via a faucet nob. And then I realized that the plug had slipped off the gasket because I emptied the remnant of a shampoo bottle yesterday morning. I screwed the plug back in and tested it. Worked just fine.

Picture of the Day
The Apollo 10 crew adopted Snoopy as a mascot. Here, they pet their good-luck charm as they head toward the rocket.


Anonymous said...

hooray! can't wait to see the anthology!

Gregory said...

It hits streets in April.