Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 26


I left work early yesterday when Your Sis called me for help. She locked the keys in her car, and she was hosting a teacher committee immediately. In the car were the committee materials. Off I went. I knew about the meeting well in advance, and the original plan was for me to come home from work at the normal time and hide in the workshop. Now, I was going to be in there for hours. And I was.

The teachers were hashing out senior-project proposals. The meeting was supposed to end around 6. They left at eight, and they were getting sparky as the night rolled on. It became too late for me to start supper, and we snacked instead on meeting leftovers. And as we cleaned up, Your Sis tried to laugh off the calamity by telling me she didn't need those items in the car after all. I almost exploded. Yesterday was the kind of day filled with all the things normal days aren't.

Picture of the Day
Death to everyone. Die die die.

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