Letters to Holly

Tuesday, February 24

Finish Line

I tweaked some text in the comic yesterday. Bolding certain words for emphasis, really. I shaded in two panel backgrounds and one more look at the comic told me I'm at the end. I don't see what significant adjustments I can make at this stage, and I'll probably send it off to the publisher tomorrow. I have that torso-encompassing feeling that the work is over. I want to keep the groove going with a few one-page stories and images to keep these drawing muscles from atrophying.

Your Sis finds herself in a barrage of committees and efforts outside the classroom. She's wild-haired and crazy-eyed.

We dusted off the Bullock telescope to do some star gazing. We saw a planet we think was Venus. We couldn't see rings, but we could see our breath, and the cold drove us inside quickly.

Picture of the Day
An actual product: A little ring pillow to help you nap in the office. Pilopilo.com.

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