Letters to Holly

Monday, March 30

Another Page Done

Here's how old we are: We watched a documentary on crossword puzzles on Friday night. It was good and involving and fun and well-made, but still ... it's a film on crossword puzzles. It's called Wordplay.

The rain kept us inside virtually all weekend. I accidentally discovered a new drawing style Saturday morning just by doodling next to the computer. I wish I had discovered this about ten years earlier. It's quicker and cleaner than, say, the work below, and it just fell out of my pencil.

We hosted a small dinner party and watched Young Frankenstein. It's never not funny. The jokes are less funny than the facial reactions to the jokes.

Throughout the weekend, I made lists for the play I'm to direct. I noted all the entrances and exits, props, and sound effects. I'm seeing some issues with all the props and the handheld scripts. But I don't think we should try to memorize this. We'll adjust the props instead. I tried my director sales-pitch on Your Sis, and she seemed to get the conceit of a sitcom episode.

Comic Page of the Day
Here's the completed noir story starring Your Sister. I scanned it into Illustrator, added the text, printed out only the text and effects, cut them out, and pasted them to the original art board. It's now hanging in our hallway.

Cultural Observation of the Day
The angle against gay marriage has shifted away from the quotation of Biblical verses against homosexuality and toward those that promote maternity. NPR had a story last week about the Quiverfull movement wherein families have as many children as the mom can produce. The rationale is that the brown people are out-breeding the faithful.

The nationally syndicated evangelical radio show I hear during my commute is also claiming now that children are the divine obligation of spouses. If a couple, like us, decide against children, then we are allegedly embracing the consumer culture instead of the culture of life. We are decadent. So there, we have been denounced, which is in no way like the proclamations of the zealot Islamic countries that are the bane of such Christian broadcasts. At all.

Anyway, just keep your ear to the ground in classroom discussions. I don't see this gaining much traction in the mainstream audiences because it dumps all childless marriages in the same stewpot, regardless of the reasons why no kids are created.


Anonymous said...

the noir comic is a riot. thanks for posting in its entirety.

and just so you know what i'm sitting through...neurobiological foundations of mental health and mental illness, given by a small man in a bowtie.

Gregory said...

I'll email you caffeine.