Letters to Holly

Wednesday, April 1

If I Had a Hammer. And a Screwdriver. And Some Spackle.

I bought new frames for the hallway comic pages. That required removal of the original screws and anchors and spackling over the holes. Also, I had to measure for new screws and anchors and hammer and screw those in place. The new frames are nice, and maybe tonight I'll be able to get the artwork back on the walls.

Your Sister was making something with cabbage, and I asked to eat the leftover head half. This is bumpkin coleslaw. I grew up loving the taste of lightly salted raw cabbage. I also did this for lettuce. My Parents had to buy extra heads of each. Your Sis was totally dumbfounded. She never saw someone do this before. She didn't know even how to approach cutting cabbage for snack-sized portions. I gobbled it all with spackle dried to my fingers, and, boy howdy, if that ain't redneck glory.

I'm back to copying ad photos for my daily drawing exercise. I need to call my theatre contact soon to set up the audition and rehearsal schedule.

Picture of the Day
Dr. Manhattan and Janey before the accident. The movie's been perceived as a flop, but I predict gigantic sales of the DVDs. A DVD of the pirate story and the filmed archived footage of the Under The Hood autobiography has been on sale for two weeks, but I'll wait for the monster DVD set to come out this summer.

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