Letters to Holly

Friday, October 16

Cold Adjustments

As I drove home I watched the car's external thermometer display a lower and lower temperature. It was reading 53 degrees as I pulled into the driveway, making me question my notion to run again. It's only supposed to get colder this weekend, I realized, and I donned my wetsuit-tight cold shirt and headed out. Oddly, running at a more relaxed pace gave me a shorter overall time. The math of running is ever beyond me. Maybe the tight shirt gave me better posture. Maybe it restrained my breathing and prevented the aches from developing. I dunno. It was my best time since July, and I'm hoping to crack the 28-minute mark before the race.

It was cold enough that we turned on the heat for the first time. When it came on early this morning -- 5:30 -- the bedroom was filled with a low whine-moan akin to a distant fire alarm. I heard and dismissed it, but the drone kept me awake. It was just the right frequency to keep my shoulders tight. I got up to check it. I thought initially that the furnace was damaged, but I remembered that the bedroom vent can be noisy if it's not open all the way. I checked and fiddled, and it wasn't that. The sound was louder at the window, and I wondered if the sound was coming from a house behind ours. But no. The window wasn't closed fully, and the air pressure was causing the noise. Window closed, sound gone. Back to bed I went. Your Sister stayed up because she's daffy.

She leaves for a daylong teacher conference tomorrow, and the local are aflutter because there might be snow. I have my doubts. I hope to do more library sketches this weekend, but I don't want to lock in to particular imagery. I still don't know the sign dimensions, and the librarian and I need to confab about school concerns. Like, can a Western genre picture have a gun in it? If not, what do I draw that plainly says "Western?"

Picture of the Day
This was the contraption that helped me start drawing on my own. The girls' version was called Fashion Plates. Oh, I adored this thing for years and years. The plastic pieces smelled great too.


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure we still have the fashion plate version in the basement at the bullock family ranch. funny. your wife really loved it.

Gregory said...

We must combine the two for a monster dress-up party.